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Letter from Josh and Rosemary

We had been married for two years when we joined the Liberated Wailing Wall. We were on the road for almost three years (Jan. 1999-October 2002) with two different teams. When we started out, we only planned to be on the team for 18-months, which was a pretty serious commitment. We didn't know too much about Jews For Jesus. In fact, we were surprised when we found out that street evangelism was a weekly part of our job.

For those of you that don't know, the Liberated Wailing Wall is a mobile evangelism team that brings Jewish Gospel music presentations to churches, messianic synagogues, universities, schools and street corners. Unlike most touring groups, the musicians are on tour consistently for 15 months with very few breaks. Between six and eight people live on a 45-foot tour bus in very close quarters. One can imagine that living in such close proximity to each other caused some tension and it did. We got to know each other very well.

On our first tour, our team struggled with speaking the truth in love and it ate away at us and nearly caused our destruction. But God was faithful and merciful, and as he often does, he used these extreme circumstances to refine us, deepening our walk with him and teaching us to be like our Messiah. In the end, our first tour was one of the hardest experiences of our lives and also one of the most rewarding because of what God taught us. Our first tour was so hard at times that we were really looking forward to the end, never dreaming that God had other plans. We were one-year into our 18 months when God completely changed our hearts and showed us that he wanted us to sign up for another tour. Josh was asked to lead the team and we became really excited about living on the bus Xfor another tour. We knew we were a little mashugina, but when God tells you to do something it's always best to obey.

The second tour was by no means a cake-walk, but it was much easier at the beginning, thanks to the lessons God had taught us the first time around. One of our major prayer requests was that this team would never have a blow-out. We had learned that almost every team throughout the thirty-year history of the Liberated Wailing Wall had experienced at least one tumultuous time of intense personality conflicts. We knew what this was like from our first tour and we were determined to avoid it. We knew that we couldn't make this happen without God. So we all joined together and prayed daily that God would preserve us and allow us to communicate openly and honestly with each other. God honored our prayers and we never reached a point in our relationships were we felt like giving up.

God used our time with Jews For Jesus to change us in many ways. We not only became better communicators, we also grew in our boldness to share the gospel. When it's a daily experience to share the good news of Jesus the Messiah, your faith naturally grows. We were constantly searching the Scriptures so that we would be ready to defend our faith. Our individual relationships with God grew as did our marriage relationship. We learned to love our team members and treat them like family. Both times our tours ended and we went our separate ways, we felt like we were saying goodbye to part of our family.

We are back in Sacramento, California now and are actively involved in our local Messianic Synagogue, Beth Yeshua. We are more involved in leadership now than before we left because we are better equipped to serve in ministry. We know that we are different people now because of our time being polished with Jews For Jesus. There were definite times when we wanted to give up because of the hardships we faced. God blessed us for finishing the race that he set before us.

Josh and Rosemary

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Letter from Moishe Rosen

Dear friends and fellow laborers with Jews for Jesus:

It hardly seems possible that we are approaching our thirtieth year anniversary as an organization. But then Jews for Jesus has been more than an organization to some of us.

I wanted to take a moment and share some brief reflections with some of you who might care. First of all I want to thank God for opposition; if it hadn't been for organized opposition from the Jewish Community we would not have had the many opportunities to tell our message. If it hadn't been for some disappointed staff who left I might not have thought to write a letter seeking to draw close and celebrate your participation in our adventure of Jews for Jesus.

I have been thinking of the many people who had served so faithfully and so honorably and who helped build Jews for Jesus into the witness that it has become.

I want to thank each and every one of you who had a part in making this testimony possible. It was back in 1969 that I realized the problem that Jewish People didn't feel free to consider the gospel because most Jews felt that Jesus was not for us. Very few had ever met or seen a Jewish believer in Jesus. It was possible for the Jewish community to say without fear of contradiction Jews do not believe in Jesus." Hence if a Jew believed in Jesus then you were not really a Jew. Most of us were indoctrinated to believe we must never give up our Jewishness. That doctrine that Jews don't believe in Jesus kept most from considering that the New Testament just might be true.

Back in those days I longed to be able to stand up and shout: "But there are some Jews who believe in Jesus." I wanted to make Jesus an issue among the Jewish people. Maybe I was overly ambitious but I wanted our Jewish people to understand that the destiny of Israel is entwined with the future of the soon coming Messiah.

I had a yearning and a vision as to how it might happen. It would take a number of activists working together like they did in the anti-war movement. But let me say that it did not happen exactly the way that I had hoped when I was executive director. We made mistakes in strategy; like the times that we picketed in front of a Reform Temple and came back and realized that was a mistake. We made mistakes in our declarations but for the most part we got out the Word. And then, of course, there were mistakes in interpersonal relationships. We had a tough job to do and sometimes I fear that I was too tough on some of you. For those mistakes, I truly apologize.

At the same time, I want to say that I thank God for those who came alongside to help me in this ministry; most of you served beautifully with love and affection. Together we changed the spiritual climate and showed that Jews could believe in Jesus.

We saw ourselves as a leadership training cadre and trained people for leadership. If God had an army, I hoped that Jews for Jesus would be the commandos or the Marines and that we could get the tough job done. Many who are leaders in the Jewish mission movement today were associated at one time or another with Jews for Jesus.

I marvel at the bravery, the diligence and the endurance that I saw on the part of most of you. And yet there were pains caused and harms done. If I could make it up to those bruised or hurt by my mediocre leadership I certainly would want to try.

But that is not why I am writing this letter. I am writing to say that I thank God that you were with me back then in this adventure. No one in the Jewish community says anymore with any confidence that there are no Jews that believe in Y'shua because they have seen with their eyes and heard with their ears and we have been out there.

In thirty years we have managed to make Jesus an unavoidable issue in the Jewish community and they are responding. I hope that you will always be proud of your service with Jews for Jesus. If you have any good memories with Jews for Jesus and would like to share with others why not send them to this web address? I know that David Brickner and the rest of us on the staff would love to hear from you. On the other hand, if you think that there is something that we should be doing to make things right with you, it is important to hear from you as well.

Let us continue to celebrate what God has done and that He allowed us to be part of it. We don't know what the next 30 years will hold for us but it will probably be an adventure.

I hope that you will pray for David Brickner as he steers this great testimony. In addition do pray for the many staff, as you know from your experience it was not easy but it sure was worth it.

Most sincerely yours,

Moishe Rosen

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Letter from Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr.

My exposure to Jews for Jesus goes back to 1973, and I have known their founder, Moishe Rosen, since the early 1960s. Sadly (to me), I cannot take a public stand in favor of every organization identifying itself with Jesus. But Jews for Jesus is #1 on my list of missions worthy of respect, trust and support.

For one thing, I respect Jews for Jesus as a thoughtful group of people. Don't be fooled by their good humor. They certainly are fun and innovative. But they take seriously their responsibility to think things through with solid, credible answers for intelligent seekers.

I respect their humility. They have made themselves accountable to the highest standards of theological and financial governance. Our church donates money to Jews for Jesus with every confidence that it will be managed responsibly. If I have a question, I get an answer, not an evasion.

I respect the courage of Jews for Jesus. They love a challenge, because they know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life for everyone everywhere. Maybe that is what makes some people mad. In a world of radical uncertainty, confident principles can be perceived as threatening. But then, didn't the prophets of ancient Israel get the same reaction? The real motive for opposing certainty is a proud unwillingness to face the possibility of truth-claims.

If I had two lives to live, I would spend the first one fulfilling my present calling. Then in my second life I would apply for a position with Jews for Jesus. It would be a privilege to serve with them. But would they take a gentile like me? As I said, they have a sense of humor.

Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr.
Senior Pastor
First Presbyterian Church
Augusta, Georgia

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Letter from Sally A. Patterson

Dear David Brickner, Moishe Rosen, and Staff,

Praise the Lord for all of your faithfulness to Jesus. Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus. My husband, Bob, and I pray everyday for President David Brickner and the Jews For Jesus missionaries. We pray for God's anointing and blessings upon David's leadership and direction for Jews For Jesus. While typing this note I almost typed in Jesus For Jews, and I believe this was the Holy Spirit's leading.

We have been prayer warriors and financial supporters for Jews For Jesus for many years. God has not let us give up on this wonderful ministry because it is God's heart.

Thank you David for your wonderful article in the bulletin for September 2003, Forthright Friendship. As long as you are focused on the direct goal of Jews For Jesus, we are with you brother. Thank you for this Clear and Present" opportunity that we have together in witnessing towards and for the Jews. Thank you for your "truthfulness." Since Jesus says that He is "the way, the truth, and the life and no man or woman can come to God, but by Him," our obedience to the truth is Jesus. Jesus is truth. Jesus is directive counseling. Thank you for your faithfulness to the truth, Jesus.

On this 30th anniversary of Jews for Jesus, God bless every staff member with you David.

Sally A. Patterson

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Letter from Tal Brooke

Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP) has been a frontline ministry confronting the occult, the cults, and the New Age movement and explaining why they are making an impact on our society. In the name of truth, sophisticated lies are fed to unwary people who live in and shape our world. Our mandate is to communicate with our generation by creating crossover material that alerts and informs about the very real dangers of the latest deceptions. It is a critical mission at a critical time.

I am told allegations have been made by individuals that the ministry of Jews for Jesus is a cult, or cult-like in its behavior, that the organization is spiritually abusive in practice. These allegations cannot be further from the truth. I have personally known both Moishe Rosen, the organization's founder, and David Brickner, the current executive director, for many years. I have been impressed with the organization they represent and the care these men have shown in presenting the historic gospel message with clarity and with integrity.

Let me say that knowing a number of Jews for Jesus staff over the years has provided me with added respect for how Jews for Jesus cares for its own staff and encourages individuality and creativity in approaches to their mission goals. People are trusted and given a lot of latitude in their decisions. This is the antithesis of cult-like behavior.

I also believe that Jews for Jesus have held true to the gospel message under pressures that would have broken the backs of most ministries, showing character and resolve under a range of very trying situations, including considerable resistance from the very people they are trying to reach. I am more than pleased to commend this unique and frontline ministry to others as one with high accountability and high achievement in the field of Jewish evangelism.

Tal Brooke,
President and Chairman,
Spiritual Counterfeits Project

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Letter from Torkild Masvie

I have known the Jews for Jesus organization and senior staff for years. They are an organization with fundamental integrity, i.e. they live up to their stated goals with no hidden agenda. They are characterized by their clear, sober, biblical theology which is in line with the principles of the reformation. They represent a clear voice against the separation of Jewish and Gentile believers in Messiah and encourage active membership of Jewish believers in Jesus in local churches.

Torkild Masvie
International Director
Caspari Center, Jerusalem

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Letter from Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

Mr. David Brickner
Jews For Jesus
10962 LeConte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Dear Friends of Jews for Jesus:

It is a special delight for me to send my warm greetings and congratulations to Jews for Jesus as you approach your thirtieth anniversary. I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the great impact you are making for the Messiah. God's love for His people Israel is still being evidenced through your courageous and enthusiastic word of grace, mercy, hope, and salvation to all who will believe. God bless you, and may you see an ever greater ingathering to the glory of God.

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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Letter from Lon Solomon

It has been my privilege to be associated with Jews for Jesus since 1987 as a member of their Board of Directors. In that time, I have had the opportunity to witness up-close the inner workings of this missionary organization to Jewish people.

I have found the staff to be exemplary in their dedication and commitment to the mission of Jews for Jesus. There is a love for the Jewish people that permeates all that the staff of Jews for Jesus does -- a love that is genuine and passionate. Theirs is not a job" but a "labor of love."

I have also been deeply impressed with the Board of Directors of Jews for Jesus. I have always found them to be men and women of authenticity, godly behavior and impeccable integrity. They have always exhibited a deep concern for the welfare of the staff and a sincere generosity in the treatment of the staff. I am honored to say that I am a member of this Board.

Over the past 16 years, I have watched as God has blessed and used Jews for Jesus for His glory. I attribute this, in large measure, to the leadership of Moishe Rosen. Moishe is a man of principle. I have seen him again and again stand on principle, even when expedience would have been easier and more profitable for him personally. Moishe has single-handedly shaped the soul of Jews for Jesus into the great missionary organization that it is today. In addition, he has mentored countless men and women who are actively serving the Lord in Jewish evangelism today. Beyond this, he has inspired countless others simply by his personal example and fearless courage. God's blessing has been on Jews for Jesus as an organization largely because God's blessing has been on Moishe Rosen as a person.

No organization, staff or leader is perfect. Jews for Jesus certainly has its weaknesses like any organization does. But I believe that it is the most cutting-edge Jewish mission in the world today and that it is being used greatly by God. I consider it a privilege to be a small part of this great work for God.

Lon Solomon, Senior Pastor
McLean Bible Church
McLean, Virginia

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Letter from Paul D. Nelson

Dear David,

It is my pleasure to extend heart congratulations to you and all your colleagues in the ministry of Jews for Jesus during its 30' anniversary year! We are thankful for the wonderful kingdom work being accomplished by Jews for Jesus, particularly in outreach to Jewish communities. We believe God is honored by the faithfulness with which Jews for Jesus has been fulfilling its calling.

ECFA (The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) is particularly proud to count Jews for Jesus among its nearly I 100 member organizations. In fact, Jews for Jesus is one of only 116 current charter members of ECFA, having held continual membership in good standing since May of 1980, the first year after ECFA's inception.

As you know, ECFA membership requires a commitment to high standards of financial integrity and accountability, which must be demonstrated through a rigorous annual membership review, and periodic on-site field reviews. Ongoing membership with ECFA is not automatic, and Jews for Jesus has voluntarily maintained a commitment to compliance with the ECFA Standards of Responsible Stewardship for 23 years! Your willingness to undergo the scrutiny required for membership reveals your desire to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men (II Corinthians 8:21).

May God continue to richly bless you and the work of Jews for Jesus. We look forward to our continued partnership for accountability before a watching world.


Paul D. Nelson

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Letter from Rebekah Carter

Dear Friends:

Your organization is one I have loved for years. I think you are a ministry of the highest integrity. Other adjectives that come quickly to mind are courageous, energetic, creative, and intellectually cutting-edge. David Brickner's columns that begin each newsletter are all keepers: I often find myself bracketing parts of them to share with my husband, a Presbyterian pastor. (Most recently I bracketed David's re-telling of his facing off a 40-ish philosophy major" with a simple gospel presentation which ended up in prayer on a busy street corner. What a sermon/class illustration!)

You all certainly are building a vast treasure-trove in heaven; you have chosen a road down here that is not an easy one. There is no group of Christians I hold in higher esteem.

With love in Jesus,

Rebekah Carter

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